Top Ten Villains Of Hollywood Movies

In the world of movies the one thing you look forward to is a happy ending; however a big part of that happy ending depends on the villain.

Think about it what would you do if there was no bad guy to say all those nasty things to, to make him back off the good guy and live happily ever after? We may be rooting for the hero and his beautiful girl but it is the villain that we look out for. In Hollywood the villains come in all shapes and sizes , you can get the crazy one eyed monster, the deranged girlfriend going psycho on you or the boy next door trying to kill you.

No matter what kind of villain the moving is portraying the key is how they are acting that is why today we have gathered up a round of the Top Ten Villains of Hollywood Movies and are going to suck you into the world of crazy (just until you read this).

10. Mr. Potter (Lionel Barrymore) it’s a Wonderful Life:

Mr. Potter (Lionel Barrymore) it’s a Wonderful Life

In 1946 Frank Capra came out with his movie “It’s a Wonderful life” and well the movie was liked by audiences everywhere one of the main attractions was the villain Mr. Potter. This villain unlike others was a pragmatic villain in the sense of being greedy, outrageous and downright mean. Although he is unable to walk but that still doesn’t do anything for his heart and makes it much colder. His hatred for the people around him oozes out and the way the actor has stepped foot inside this role has even put him on the list of America’s Film Institute list of the 50 Greatest Villains in American Film History and ranked number 6 on the list.

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