Top ten most expensive wedding dresses

Consideration of a wedding dress mean lavishly spending money regardless how costly its become. Mostly every bride wants to look extremely beautiful and wanted the most expensive wedding dresses. That is their special day and they don’t want to spare any expense.

There are different kinds of bride, with in them all the celebrity brides are far ahead in the choice of most expensive wedding dresses. To be the centre of attention they go for renowned and famous designers and pay according to their un believable demands.

10. Imperial Pearl Syndicate Gown – $100,000

Imperial Pearl Syndicate Gown

The Imperial Pearl Syndicate Gown is the most advance creation of wedding dress during 1950s designed by almost 8 dressmakers and completed approximately around 2 to 3 months. Making the wedding dress more fabulous its contains lots of pearls that looks Gems on the gown.

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