Top Ten Fighter Planes

One of the assets that a country can have is a good militia, and then to back up the militia you have air force with top notch fighter planes.

Fighter planes and good ones can help out a country mostly in times of war as this is the most convenient form to protect your country and being in the air gives you a chance of better attacking strategies. Fighter planes can also help out when things need to be carried in a time of crisis from air to sea or from air to surface.

A sign of a good nation is a having on deck a set of good planes and credible pilots for these tasks, that is why as the world is turning pages one of the big things that countries invest in are sturdy hardcore fighter planes. So today we will be presenting you with a list of the Top Ten Fighter planes not only will this increase your knowledge but the next time you see a fighter plane in the air you may just be able to recognize it!

10: F-16 Fighting Falcon:

F-16 Fighting Falcon

Originating from the United States, the Fighting Falcon or “Viper” as most of the pilots call it is mostly used by the United States Air Force and acts as multirole fighter aircraft  with a single super fast engine, this means it does more than deal with air to air combat. Since its origin back in 1976 about over 4500 have been made and are serving in the USAF as well as by the Air Force Reserve Command, US Air Force Thunderbirds and Air National Guard Units. Some of the key features it has include using a fly by wire flight control system, a reclined seat specially made for the purpose of reducing g-force on the pilot and a canopy that provides maximum visibility.

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