Top Ten Best Monopods for GoPro4 in 2017

If you are a camera junkie then you probably already were waiting for the much anticipated Go Pro 4. It’s all the talk in the world of technology as its functions seem like a story out of a fiction novel.

The camera is said to provide for an impressive 4K resolution at a very fast and nifty 30 fps (frames per second). The picture is clearer and will give you just what you need even if you are new to the photography business.

Now with all the hype and all those who have bought the lush Go Pro 4 you need to have a standard monopod to go along with your GoPro 4. The monopod is an extension stick which is fairly similar to the selfie stick and enables the camera user to have a stable hand while using the camera for selfie clicks. The problem arises of how to choose among the variety of monopods that have been released. There are different monopods that have their own features and it all depends on the camera man and his/her own wants and needs when it comes to the monopod. So before you go all out and start clicking on just any monopod search the list below and check out the list of Top Ten Best Monopods for GoPro 4 in 2017.

10. SmaTree SmaPole X1 Aluminum Foldable Multi-Functional Pole for GoPro:

SmaTree SmaPole X1 Aluminum Foldable Multi-Functional

The list begins with a monopod that is sturdy made from Aluminum alloy but also has a twist to its structure as it has flexible design. The monopod unfolds in such a way that it allows you to take great pictures in situations which require a little twist and turn rather than just a single shot extension. The design although allows the user to be creative utilizing it in corners and edges but still the length gives it limitations, by only going up to 19.3 inches. This may be the one drawback that comes along with this monopod other than the fact that it is not waterproof. However if you want to enjoy the versatility with this monopod and use it in different angles then this may be the monopod for you.

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