Top Ten Best Ice Cream Brands

What do we crave for in the summers, besides a cool breeze we all just want a taste of some cold ice-cream.

The sweet and cold feeling will do the trick in that hot humid weather and even if you’re not trying to cool yourself down, there is something soothing about it, if you’re feeling blue or if you are feeling tired a small tub of ice cream will melt away your worry or at least for the time being. So what do you do and how do you choose from so many different brands.

Here is how we can help by giving you the list of the Top Ten Best Ice Cream Brands and make your life easier so you can choose your flavor from one of the top ten brands and satisfy your sweet tooth.

10. Dairy Queen:

Dairy Queen

Owned by one of the big leagues Dairy Queen also known as DQ is a subsidiary of the very renowned Berkshire Hathaway. The first Dairy Queen opened up in 1940 in Illinois. The reason behind its selling product is the “soft serve” ice cream a trade secret that only the ones who make it know. When it was first opened by Sherb Noble he gave an “all you can eat ice cream for ten cents” to build up sales and so many people came that the owners thought customers would break the windows. However now Dairy Queen is a well reputed name in the world of ice cream and then after the introduction of the “Blizzard” in 1985 they sold over 175 million of the stuff alone in just that year.

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