Top Ten Animated Movies

In the world of movies you will find people into a lot of different genre be it crime, adventure, murder but you will also see a lot of people highly engaged in animated movies. Animation is its own kind fun and creativity whether it is adult anime or animation for kids.

The thought of how much work is put into animation and how the imagination and creativity of one person turns itself into colors and shapes on screen is incredible, not to mention very entertaining for kids because before there was the idea of telling children stories and nowadays the same stories from long ago are put into animation and is given life on screen and boy do kids respond to it.

 All those bright colors popping up before their eyes just put a DVD of a good ole animated movie to a crying baby and I bet you he will be quiet and laughing in no time. On the other hand it is not just kids who are attracted to animation a lot teenagers and adults like sitting and watching a 2 hour animation with songs in it and the concept of adult movies also come from the notion of adults wanting to have fun and regress back to their irresponsible and care free youth if only even through an animated movie. So today we are going to show you a list of Top Ten Animated movies.

  1. Monster Inc:

Monster Inc

We have all experienced the fear of having to look under the bed and check the closet to make sure that the monsters don’t come after the little ones. Pixar took this ingenious idea and released an animated movie about it in 2002. Not only was it a hit but it made the ideas that not only are monsters cool but they too fear humans. Besides the really cool tagline they came up with “we scare because we care” the other fun thing about this movie is that no matter how many times you watch it , it becomes even greater, the little kid is so adorable and the big scary monsters taking care of her is just a soothing way to get the bad monsters notion out of any kids head.

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