Top 10 Issues Faced by Our Youth Today

2. Poverty


The federal poverty degree is $22,050 for a family of 4. This equates to 21% of all children (15 million kids) are taken into consideration in poverty. Simply to cover simple costs for a family of four you will want to have revenue of $45, 000. Which means almost 50% of our youngsters are dwelling in poverty? Half of these kids obtain no authorities help because their parents earned more than $22,050 those 12 months. In step with the national middle for kids in poverty (MCCP), that poverty is the single greatest risk to youngster’s nicely-being.
Poverty impedes gaining knowledge of and contributes to social and behavioral issues. And wager what? There is no profit to counteract these issues. Mommy cannot afford a show or daddy cannot come up with the money for a counselor. There may be a large opportunity for society to stop being so materialistic and in turn poverty wouldn’t be such a difficulty because maximum children will all have the equal things –matters they want instead of what they want. This would decrease violence in schools because fewer children could be teased.

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