Top 10 Issues Faced by Our Youth Today

5. Obesity


Our children are fat and getting fatter. Current numbers show that 20% of yank children are overweight. No longer obese –overweight! Video games, TV, the internet and speedy meals are partly guilty. Kids are spending greater time sitting in front of a TV/computer display screen than jogging around outside. This sedentary life-style has consequences.
Socially, it’s no mystery that obese kids are going to be subject to ridicule from their peers – it’s unhappy, but though genuine. This can result in such troubles as low vanity, melancholy, and so forth. Then there are the health concerns. Excessive blood strain, diabetes and different maladies this is associated with weight problems. Psychologically and physically, a weight problem is a difficulty that may be resolved with a simple boom in interest and cognizance.

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