Top 10 Issues Faced by Our Youth Today

6. Materialism


We stay in a society that promotes materialism and so we perpetuate this particular malady by instilling awful conduct into our children. We teach our youngsters that the measure of achievement and happiness in existence is how whole lot stuff you have got. Kids naturally need matters –in particular if their pals have something comparable. Unluckily, there seems to be little restraint on accompanying steerage as we move approximately this.
Basically, we offer our kids with some thing they want that is inside our financial potential to do so. The concept of “earning” what you get or the idea that some thing “you don’t want” appear too had been misplaced and discarded. Is there surely any marvel why the common adult is $15,000 in debt at any given time? We’ve a mentality of getting what we want and while we want it that has been ingrained in us considering that early life. The unlucky end result is that there are devastating consequences for such persevered conduct later in life.

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