Top 20 Interesting Sports Around the World

The world of sports is full of memorable moments, superhuman athletes and world records. Each sport has a set of rules and requirements that can vary greatly between one and other. However, there are also some “sports” that seem to have been invented by a completely insane person escaped from some mental house. We’ve compiled this list of he weird sports from around the world. Each of these disciplines, along with their respective rules, may all be described as the same thing: complete madness!
Ready? Set? Go!

#20. Cooper’s Lee Cheese Rolling

Cooper’s Lee Cheese Rollling

Apparently, in England, cheese lovers have taken their “cheesy madness” to the next level. In that place, there are people who are crazed enough to compete for an entire cheese wheel. But to win it, you first have to do one thing: “Let it roll, baby!!!” The wheel of Double Gloucester cheese should roll over a hill wrapped in a wooden case. The cheese weighs between 7 and 9 pounds and is chased by a bunch of drunk guys who will do anything for a piece of such delicacy. Apparently, winning this event is a real pride point for Englishmen and cheese lovers all over the world.

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