Top 5 Health Issue In The World

Today are world is facing number of challenges and among them health issue has its own importance instead of remarkable improvement in health since from last century a great challenge is still to considered in health area. Lack access to health care system, non communicable disease, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, chronic lungs and kidney failure. The most disheartening situation the world is facing in health issue the death rate of over 7.5 Million children under the age of 5 die from malnutrition and lack of basic health facilities mostly in 3rd world countries. 

Among these all health issues the dark side is become more worse when we watch the number of list in form of global migration, the refugee crisis, unpredictable climate changes and uncertainty of global health organizations programs.

1: Diabetes

IN the whole world mostly in LDCs, the diabetes become the most threatening deadliest worldwide disease. Recent research by world health organization shows that more than 443 Million people are suffering from this giant disease. Unfortunately, this number becomes more than double in the coming 20 to 30 years.

Basically, the bad eating habits cause high level of obesity  and at the same time inheriting nature of this chronic disease makes it a great global public health issue.

Its create complication in the human body from various sides but if we want to prevent these complications we have to implement some measures like healthy diet, regular physical exercise no use of tobacco.

The most of the sedentary life style and stressful environment and lack of physical activities has shown a steep rise in this chronic disease.

2: Tobacco Issues

Worldwide serious health challenge is emerging in the form of rapid increase in tobacco market. Expertise stated that nearly seven million people each year in the world are expired due to the use of tobacco which is increasing both in male and females smokers. “The Asia Pacific region represents the fastest growing tobacco market in the world with Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan and Vietnam.”

The easy availability of related concoctions must be checked thoroughly. Government responsibility of providing healthy activities and enforcement of anti smoking laws should be followed publicly.

3: Heart Issues

The information about why and how heart attack occurs its first aid its sudden treatment and how to escape from this deadliest moment. Myocardial infarction, Cardiac infarction, and coronary thrombosis are the famous terms used for heart attack.

Basically when the blood supply to an area is cut off and the tissues in that area dies heart attack occurs. Causes symptoms and treatments are the whole story about it.

The Biggest factors are smoking and obesity which increase the rate of heart attack in both male and female. Over 45 in Males and for females above 55 are in critical danger of receiving heart disease.

4: Cancer Issues

One word that can destroy your life as soon as you hear that this word is belongs to you. Cancer is proved to be a death sentence. 7.6 million people across the world lose the hope against this disease. Unfortunately, over 4.8 million people are from less developed countries.
A positive sign is that the surviving rate of people is more than ever before. Recently statistics of cancer survivals are showing increasing striking rate in some parts of Africa where after every 5 people having lung or stomach cancer. This alarming situation requires an Emergency attention.

5: Kidney Issues

Shocking and alarming situations occur in the name of chronic Kidney diseases. Treatment related to this disease is quite expensive and usually receiving a huge financial burden on the victims. Kidney transplant, dialysis is compulsory to stay alive.

According to the estimated number of causes of kidney failures are in an affluent country with respect to non-accessibility to health care centers and having a great number of elderly people. In more than 120 countries people are not eligible to afford the huge expense on this chronic disease. Annually over 1 million people are dying from un treated kidney failure.
The 50% of kidney patients are tragically from under developed country. With earlier, diagnose and timely treatment can slow down the rate of death related to this disease.


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