Top 20 Fuel Efficient Cars for 2018 and 2019

1:Peugeot 208:

Peugeot 208

This beauty is made by the French company by the name of Peugeot, the illusion of a sports car but the flight of a truly economical car, this model has a heavy 94.2 mpg and a 1.6 BlueHDi 75 S&S guise. The latest black edition gives it all the more hype with trendy interior and exterior.


Though we have exhausted the list of fuel efficient cars it is just a matter of time that new versions and makes will be out, a few tips to include in being fuel efficient yourself is always checking out the pressure of your tire because the lower the pressure the more gas you will eat up and keeping a lightweight in your car. Just like extra burden on a person weighs him down ironically same is the case with a car and the more load you carry the more gas you will drag out. So be safe and be fuel efficient.


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