Top 7 best smartphones to buy

Social media, selfies, music, games and oh yeah! Google, this is the air that we breathe in. From toddlers to teenagers, adults and even oldies everyone needs to have a cell phone in today’s era, I mean I don’t think anyone can imagine their world without it and with so many choices available out there, it is pretty hard to try and decide which cell phone is the best nowadays.

In 2016 end the cell phone game was once again raised and a number of new releases Samsung, OnePlus and especially from Apple are just a few names that were called in for.

However with so much competition it can seem that each and every set out there has got to have something special in mind and that is why techno whiz kids all over the globe have put their game face on trying to seek out the ultimate set for this year. With that in mind let’s see for ourselves what 2016 – 2017 has in stock for us with the top 7 best Smartphone’s to buy.

7. OnePlus 4:


With so many names making their way a new name that wanted to play it up is the Chinese company OnePlus who launched their first set in 2014 and now again first with the OnePlus 3 it did little to disappoint trying to mark their territory with this set , it is reasonable and affordable with a modest built and look and an impressive 6GB RAM and Snapdragon 820 processor, gamers can definitely get their game on with this set but the fact of the matter is that critics still seem to be unsatisfied with its battery life and not providing for a micro- SD slot. So the OnePlus 4 is going to redefine even these changes with a better built even more better battery and charging and another set that is not too harsh on the pockets and even rumors about Virtual Reality screening! We are still waiting for more detailed specs about this set but with the success and demand of OnePlus 3, hopefully OnePlus 4 will take its name to a whole new level.

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